Albania in the Painting of Edward Lear (1848)

Albanien in der Kunst des Malers Edward Lear (1848)

Pikturat shqiptare të Eduard Lirit (Edward Lear, 1848)

EDL037 - Edward Lear: A gorge on the Vjosa River (exaggerated for effect), probably near Kalivaç at the foot of Mali i Kudhesit (Mount Coudessi), between Vlora and Tepelena in southern Albania, 30 October 1848. The inscribed date of 1 November 1848 is erroneous. “By four, we had crossed a level tract at the summit of this hill, and descending thence towards the northeast, the view was strikingly magnificent. The Viósa pours through a narrow gorge in the rocks at the foot of Mount Kúdhesi, and above this dark outlet rise the detached and finely-formed mountains of Trebushin and Khórmovo. Immediately below the spectator is the great extent of stony river course, along which the Viósa, no longer confined in its straitened limits - its dark waters sparkling like so many winding threads on a dazzling white ground - rushes in broad freedom, and many-channelled, to the sea.” Edward Lear in Albania (London 2008), p. 148.