Albania in the Painting of Edward Lear (1848)

Albanien in der Kunst des Malers Edward Lear (1848)

Pikturat shqiptare të Eduard Lirit (Edward Lear, 1848)

EDL035 - Edward Lear: View of Palasa (Palása/Palazza) on the southern coast of Albania, 26 October 1848. “At the summit of the Strada Bianca the mists cleared away and the Pass of Tchika commenced in all its unhidden majesty. The huge sides of the mountain are wrapped in pine forests, and the bare snowy peaks above stood forth in the utmost magnificence. The groups of trees are most beautiful and resemble feathery cedars; indeed the whole Pass throughout is a noble scene of mountain beauty.” Edward Lear in Albania (London 2008), p. 141-142.