Albania in the Painting of Edward Lear (1848)

Albanien in der Kunst des Malers Edward Lear (1848)

Pikturat shqiptare të Eduard Lirit (Edward Lear, 1848)

EDL033 - Edward Lear: Sunset on the coast of Himara (Khimára/Cimara) on the southern Albanian coast, 24 October 1848. “After drawing some of the innumerable cousins of the house of Kasnétzi - each of them a picture (though from their sense of mourning I could not get sketches of any of the females) - I went out, and drew Vunó from the north, until sunset, surrounded by groups of Khimáriotes, a naturally well- behaved set of people, whose conversation was intelligent and various, and whose interest in my drawing reminded me of Abruzzi and Calabria.” Edward Lear in Albania (London 2008), p. 132.